James Elliot

U.S. Marshal


James Elliot is a U.S. Marshal, and formerly a soldier of the Union Army. While enlisted he attained the rank of Sergeant, but he doesn’t talk much about his military career. Shortly before the end of his four year contract he received word that his father had died and when he’d finished his tour he resigned his commission to join the Marshals. He’s patient, but stalwart and never backs down from a challenge. His heart is always in the right place when it comes to protecting innocent people and he doesn’t take kindly to criminal types who don’t give no never mind to the welfare of the common folk. Though he is a law man, he knows full well that not all laws are just and that not all those who are meant to uphold them are either. Maybe that makes him a bit of a maverick, but it don’t bother him none. He’ll always be a good man, or he’ll die trying.

Age: 27
Height: 6’3"
Weight: 183 lbs

James is a tall, lanky man with a long gait and a thousand yard stare through steely grey eyes. A lingering five o’clock shadow clings to weathered cheeks, and messy brown bangs hang across his face. It’s a fairly common sight to see him with a cigarette in his mouth, though he doesn’t seem to bear much sign of the habit.

His general attire is a white button up shirt, brown trousers and a long duster accented with leather shoulders and bright silver buttons. High boots jingle with the sound of spurs. Most important though is the sun beaten stetson with a single turquoise bead tied onto a leather cord that wraps around it. It is a mighty fine hat.

Cognition: 4d10
Scrutinize – 4
Search – 3
Trackin’ – 2

Knowledge: 2d8
Academia: Occult – 1
Area Knowledge: Wyoming – 2
Language: English – 2

Mien: 2d12
Animal Handling – 3
Leadership – 4
Overawe – 4 (+4)
Persuasion – 3

Smarts: 2d8
Survival: Plains – 2

Spirit: 3d10
Guts – 5 (+4)

Deftness: 3d12
Shootin’: Pistol – 5
Shootin’: Rifle – 5

Nimbleness: 1d10
Climbin’ – 1
Dodge – 3
Fightin’: Brawling – 3
Horse Ridin’ – 3
Sneak – 2

Strength: 3d8

Quickness: 4d12
Quick Draw – 3 (+2)

Vigor: 4d8

Bounty Points: 0
Grit: 2

Fate Chips
White – 1
Red – 1
Blue – 1

Attack: 5d12
Range: 10
Damage: 3d6
Shots: 6
ROF: 2
Rounds: .45 Caliber (150)

Attack: 5d12
Range: 20
Damage: 4d10
Shots: 11
ROF: 1
Rounds: .50 Caliber (150)

Vital Statistics:

Size: 6
Wind: 18
Pace: 10

Wounds (Head): 0
Wounds (Left Arm): 0
Wounds (Right Arm): 0
Wounds (Guts): 0
Wounds (Left Leg): 0
Wounds (Right Leg): 0

Permanent Wounds: —


Enemy (2): Southerner’s don’t take kindly to him.
Obligation (3): In the service of the United States government.
Heroic (3): Cannot turn down a plea for help, no matter who it’s from.
Loyal (3): Has taken to a fondness of his companion Calliope, and would be sorely vexed to see her come to harm.


The Voice – Threatening (1): + 2 to Overawe attacks.
The Stare (1): + 2 to Overawe attacks.
Law Man (5): U.S. Marshal.
Brave (2): + 2 to Guts.
Nerves O’ Steel (1): Can stand his ground, even if he fails a Guts roll.
Belongin’s (2): Law Dog.
Dinero (1): $250 starting funds; $100 extra funds when needed.
Purty (1): + 2 to Persuasion rolls when looks may come into play.

Harrowed Powers:

Speed: 1
Duration: Concentration
Virility: 3 Days
Description: To pick up a disease, all the Harrowed has to do is touch someone who already has the sickness. Holding on to it and transmitting it are two other things.

Since the Harrowed is already long past being a fertile ground for most kinds of sickness, she can only hold onto an illness for so much time. The higher the Harrowed’s power level, the longer she can house the disease.

Harrowed with the sicken power can command the disease to attack other people, as long as they’re within the Harrowed’s reach. To transmit the disease, the undead must touch the target, which normally requires a successful fightin’: brawlin’ roll, at least in combat. In other situations, the Harrowed can be a lot more subtle about touching the target. A simple handshake would suffice.

The effect the disease has on the victim depends upon what it happens to be. This is entirely up to the Marshal as to the illness’ symptoms and duration. After all, the Marshal has to present the Harrowed with the disease in the first place, so it shouldn’t be much of a surprise to the Marshal exactly how the illness works.

Once contact has been made, the Harrowed must make a Spirit roll against the target’s Vigor. If the Harrowed wins, the target catches the illness. The victim doesn’t just instantly fall ill, for sure. The disease first has to incubate and then run its course.

It may be several days before the victim actually begins to feel any symptoms, and when he does he very likely isn’t able to determine exactly where he picked up the illness. After all,
he probably comes into contact with several people every day—or he might just have picked it up from the very air.

It’s possible for the Harrowed to carry more than one disease at a time. She can have up to one illness for every level of sicken that she has. However, the Harrowed can only carry one mortal disease at a time, no matter how many levels of this power she may have.

Additionally, mortal diseases (being already so much closer to death themselves) expire after only a quarter of the normal time.



Fine Bullard Express Rifle .50
Fine Double Action Colt Peacemaker .45

.50 Rifle Bullets (150)
.45 Pistol Bullets (150)

Fine Duster
Fine Stetson
Shirts (3)
Trousers (2)

Handcuffs (2)
Iron Skillet
Matches (100)
Mess Kit
Playing Cards
Rope (50 ft.)
Pouch of Smoking Tobacco
Trail Rations (8 days)

Gun Belt
Quick Draw Holster
Rifle Scabbard
Speed Load Cylinder

Saddle Bags


James Elliot

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