Calliope McDermmot

A spit-fire journalist with a knack for trouble


Calliope McDermmot (aka Caitlin Beaumont aka Sister Mary Sue Hart aka Miss Evangeline Beauchamp; other aliases unknown at present) stands at 5’10 and weighs 115 lbs. She is of mixed Irish and French Creole heritage, with long dark auburn hair and green eyes (though she has often dyed and cut her hair to change her appearance).

She has no living family to speak of. Her mother, Mrs Serefina (Beaumont) McDermmot, has been dead these past 12 years from complications of the consumption and child bed fever. Her eldest brother from her mother, 1st Sergeant in the Confederate Army Louis Raymond Beaumont was killed in service to his country 6 years ago. Her father, notorious crook and scoundrel Clyde McDermmot and her brother Frank McDermmot were hung by the neck and shot (respectively) after their capture two years ago. (See attached reports)

Though well armed and well trained with a gun, she is far more likely to use her feminine charms and wiles against. you. As evidenced by her long list of wants and warrants, she has (to date) never been accused of physical assault or murder (though she is rumored to have been involved in a duel with/the shooting of a crooked politician on a river boat some years ago). Be advised, this young woman will use any means at her disposal to ensure her escape and is not above seducing a decent, law abiding man into indecent liberties if needed.


Calliope McDermmot

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