Nizomi Hataalii

Young Navajo Shaman


Though she is a powerful Medicine Woman, at only 16 she is quite young to be so in tune with the spirits. She is calm and compassionate, but not above defending those she loves. A devotee of the Bear Spirit, she has taken a vow to protect everyone in need regardless of their tribe.

Standing at just 5’0 tall and weighing in at a mere 125lbs, her slight frame belies a quiet power and fighting ability. Her long, medium brown hair (much lighter than is common for her tribe) is often pulled back simply with a lovely braided leather headband. The ends of the headband are decorated with beads and feathers and a wolf’s tooth hangs from the end of one as well.

Her usual dress is a beautiful pale buckskin with bear, buffalo, and wolf fur tassels along with traditional beadwork and a few turquoise beads. Her knee-high buckskin moccasins are adorned with simple beadwork as well.


Her medicine bag was handmade in a process that took almost two years to complete. It is, arguably, her most treasured possession.


Her other valued possession is a traditional gourd rattle made by her great-grandmother. It was gifted to her on the day she had her first connection with the Bear Spirit.



Nizomi Hataalii

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