Annabelle Doreen Bellerose

Dark, Beautiful and Free


Annabelle Doreen Bellerose has beautiful cocoa colored skin, her body is built like an well breed southern woman should look, she has an hour glass figure, full lips, good birthing hips and a well-rounded bottom with hip long onyx hair that she keeps up in a lose bun under her hat. She also has the most beautiful eyes ever seen on a black woman they are a golden honey brown color people say they look like a wild cats eyes full of fight and fire.

Traits and Aptitudes
Deftness 4d6
Shootin’: Pistols 2
Sleight of O’ Hands 2
Nimbleness 4d6
Dodge 2
Horse Ridin’ 2
Climbin’ 1
Sneak 1
Quickness 4d6
Quick Draw 2
Strength 4d4
Vigor 3d6
Cognition 1d12
Search 1
Knowledge 2d12
Academia: Occult 4
Area Knowledge: Home Country 2
Language: Native Tongue 2
Language: French 2
Language: Pawnee 1
Mien 2d10
Animal Handlin’ 2
Persuasion 2
Tale Tallin’ 2
Smarts 3d12+2
Bluff 3
Gamblin’ 3
Spirit 4d8
Guts 2
Wind 12
Arcane Background: Huckster 3
Veteran O’ the Weird West
Familiar 3
Old Hand 3
Dinero 2 ($500)
High-Faluin’ 2 (-2 friendly persuasion rolls to lower class)
Randy 3
Tinhorn 2
Unnatural Appetite 3 (bugs)
Habit 2 ( Rose Perfume)
Special Abilities:
Hexslingin’ 6
Soul Blast, Helpin’ Hand, Call O’ the wild, Critter Ward, Deadly Creepers, Shadow Walk, Texas Twister
.44 Derringer
Box of 50 shells
Colt Frontier
Box of 50 shells
Deck of playing Cards (3)
Fancy Dresses (4)
Saddle Bags

Want to see a trick?
I have dazzled some of the best, from New Orleans to the City of Los Angels.
Boy! I know a few things that will make your head spin.
I’ve looked into the depths of hell and invited it into my very soul.
It’s a gamble, but what’s life without a little chance?

“Life is a gamble dear… and you just lost.”


Being born to a slave, I was a maid to a young girl named Amber Bellerose, we became good friends even though she was the Master’s daughter and I the daughter of his faithful footman. I learn much from the young Miss, she taught me how to speak like a proper lady, how to walk, how to basically act like a rich white woman. The Master and Mamma thought it was cute…like a child training a pet and payed no never mind to it…it made their only child happy. My Ma and Pa felt as if it was their way of making us feel lesser then them because of our skin color, but as I grew I became more and more wiser, when the young Miss started dressing me in her old clothes I know I could use this to my advantage, going on outing with the young miss, I had to dress the part she didn’t want her prize pet to look like a normal house maid, we would go to the library and she would teach me to read in private rooms, and one day while at the library I came across an old book called “Hoyle’s Book of Games” it intrigued me so I tried to read it on my own in a corner of the library where I could not be bothered by any of the white folks who were not the young miss, I notice that the examples did not match the description, so I asked the young miss if I could take the book back with us so I could read it more, the more I read the book the more I understood what they were talking about it was teaching me in its own way how to cast spells…with playing cards. By the time I was old enough to be sold again the Master decided that I and my family could be free and gave us a chance to do so, he gave us one of his old unkempt houses and told us we could live there and be free. Now my Mama didn’t have any book smarts like me she did what she did best she cooked and cleaned, and my brothers and father started working for a carriage company to make money so we could fix up the house we were given. Myself on the other hand thanks to the clothing and the lessons young miss Amber Bellerose gave me in acting like a lady and the different card games that white folks loved to play, I made money the only way I know how “gambling” and boy howdy did I make money, but I never keep any for myself I would always give it to my Pa so he could fix up the house, buy new clothes for my six brothers and I would also give money to my Mama so she could buy herself the finer things. Years passed and the house was finally fixed up my brothers where all off married with children of their own, myself I had made a name for myself in the many bars in New Orleans “Taboo”

Annabelle Doreen Bellerose

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